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“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination.” T. LASORDA

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Today, innovation is mandatory for companies (*). * See

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It’s a question of life or death.

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That’s why innovation is such a popular word.

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But innovation is almost impossible for older companies to embrace(*). (*) See

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The key word of the last sentence is almost.

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Let’s focus on the three behaviors that will make innovation possible for older companies.

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1. Innovation makes senses only if it answers to customers needs.

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2. Only a full engagement to innovation will enable you to survive.

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A change of mindset is required, because…

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Companies must move from a linear oriented process and predictable world to…

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A world where the results of actions are unpredictable.

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Today, companies have to work on enablers and regular controls to make success happen.

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Success or failure depends on the ability of a company to activate consistently with all its enablers for transformation.

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According to COBIT (*), an enterprise can play with seven enablers to transform itself. (*) COBIT is a framework for enterprise ‘s governance from ISACA. Principles, Policies and framework Culture, Ethics and Behavior Organizational structure Processes People and skills Information IS/IT

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Are you sure that all of these enablers are activated in your company?

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Principles, Policies, and Framework What ideas do you propose to your company so that your day to day management is supporting innovation?

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Culture, Ethics, and Behavior What are the behaviors you are promoting and banishing to support innovation?

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Organizational Structure How is your structure organized so as to give a chance to everyone to push a new idea?

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e Processes How agile are your processes to launch, test, and roll out new ideas?

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People and skills Are you coaching enough of your people to increase their skills and acquire new ones? Do you push them to get out of their comfort zone?

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Information Information is the source of innovation. So how much attention are you giving to this treasury?

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IS/IT Is your IT department asked to provide features or enablers to enhance your creativity?

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The challenge to change is so difficult that everything that can contribute to this change must be activated.

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The last behavior that will make innovation possible for older companies…

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3. Put all of your initiatives for innovation under governance.

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Because if you succeed, but set up good conditions to ease creativity without control,

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your company will be a mess.

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Governance will help you make sure that all initiatives are coherent and supporting the strategy of the company.

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Summary Innovation must be driven by customer needs. Make regular control with them to confirm you are in line with customer’s expectations. Every enabler should be activated to allow the company to change their mindsets. Governance ensures that all initiatives are coherent and supporting the strategy of the company.

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