Startup Lessons Learned

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Startup Lessons Learned Don’t repeat the same mistakes as everyone - Make your own

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Startups - Don’t Do It 80% - 90% of all startups fail

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Forget The Money You will not get rich doing a startup

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Do It Because You Love To It’s all about the passion

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Screw Your Idea It’s all about execution - Talk less, do more

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Solve A Real Problem Don’t be a solution in search of a problem

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Start With The “WHY?” Then work backwards to the HOW and the WHAT

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Screw Your Business Blan No one cares about your damned lies

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Business Model Canvas Understand the business you are trying to create instead

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It’s All About People Not about technology, ideas or business plans

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Everything In Writing Get it written down in signed contracts before you start

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Talk To Everybody Screw NDAs - Get as much real world feedback as possible

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Don’t Build It Because they won't come - Create an MVP and iterate

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Speed Is Of The Essence Fail fast, fail soon - Build, measure, learn - Repeat

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Culture Is Everything Values, mission and vision is critical for your success

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Raise The Bar Expect good, get average - Expect greatness

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Empower Good People Give ownership, trust in autonomy, support pro-activity

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Beware Of Vanity Metrics Don’t get fooled by stuff that doesn’t matter

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Silence The Lizard Brain Don’t give in to irrational fear - We have two brain systems

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Communication Is King Over-communicate

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The Hero’s Journey An exercise to try at home, kids!

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Win New Friends And influence people

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Dissent Makes Excellence If you have only yes-people you are doing it wrong

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Don’t Be The But-f*er Say “Yes, AND...” - Practice improv comedy

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Embrace Failure Post mortem, kanban, continuos deployment, 5 whys

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Get Lean Start validating learning - Use the Scientific Method

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Customer Development Talk to customers, learn, test, pivot - Rinse, lather, repeat

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Get Out Of The Building Talk to customers outside that will tell you your baby is ugly

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Learn, Learn, Learn It’s a continuos process - you will never arrive - JFGI

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Listen To Your Users Look for reoccurring patterns, not noise from early adopters and freaks

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Record Everything Don’t build it if you can’t measure it - Data is king

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Reach Out & Connect To anyone, anywhere - You have The Internet

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Ask For Advice Get money - Ask for money get advice

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Follow Your Gut Listen to good advice - But don’t take it

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Build Relationships Early Getting funded is a long process - Start early

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Help Other Entrepreneurs Real entrepreneurs help other entrepreneurs

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Let’s Connect! @blacktar

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