Resumes Are Useless Without THIS

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Resumes Are Useless Without This By J.T. O Donnell

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We receive questions all day long from our members seeking career advice. Do you know what topic we get the most questions about? Resumes. Things like: ● ● ● ● One page or two? Objective statement or not? Font Size 11 or 12? Include dates or not?

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A resume only works when someone is expecting it. All the formatting in the world will not get your resume noticed. The chances of your resume being a complete key word match is not likely, which means recruiters aren’t seeing it. Nevermind the dreaded ATS system!

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Over 80% of jobs are gotten via referral. You have to leverage your professional network so when a job is posted you can ask your contact to get it in front of the hiring manager. Don’t have a big network? That’s what LinkedIn is for!

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Please know, I'm not suggesting you ignore the design of your resume. I'm just telling you if you think constantly tweaking your resume and submitting it online is what will get you hired, then you are going to continue to look for a job for a very long time.

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