6 ways to avoid cold calling

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6 ways to avoid cold calling

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Sometimes when you’re job hunting you might want to contact your ideal company directly rather than waiting for a job vacancies with them to open up. But before you pick up the phone, consider these six ways to connect with them without cold calling.

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Send a letter Employers get so many resumes via email, stand out and send a letter with your resume to their office.

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Contact via LinkedIn Use connections on LinkedIn to reach out to those in the companies you’d like to work for. Once connected you might be able to register your interest in a job.

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Send an email But be careful not to waste the employer’s time with a long email full of chit chat or vague questions – get to the point. Also consider what time of day you send the email.

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It might feel like cyber-stalking, but if you can find an event the employer is Attending you could get the chance to introduce yourself

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Keep your options open Don’t become fixated on just one person from the company you want work for. Keep your options open and look for opportunities to connect with anyone from that company – you never know how helpful that relationship could be.

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Tag them in a tweet Use social media to your advantage and mention your ideal employer in your tweet – but make sure it’s relevant. This tag could be the start of a conversation with them that could open up unknown doors.

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