What is a #Startup?

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What is a #Startup?

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Exponential Growth Revenue / users Standard company Start Up Time

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Exponential Growth

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Exponential Growth

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Non predictable

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High chances of failure (or repeated failures)

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The team is everything Matters more than the idea (?)

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Brain over Money

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Needs money to live before earning revenues Personal funds & unemployment insurance Love Money (friends, family…) Bootstraping Fundraising (seed, Business Angels, VCs, IPO)

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Startupers want to change the world!

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Not necessarily digital or tech Producing energy from seaweeds

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Often, founders have a problem …that impacts their life so much that they want to solve it! And then they realize it could be a business EYODF! (Eat Your Own Dog Food) – be your 1st users!

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In the form of a product / service / platform And they build a solution to the problem

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In a startup, you don't know what you need to build! But they face a huge challenge

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…will be discovered on the way! Step by step, thanks to a lot of work and (recommended) methodologies What needs to be built

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Then it’s all about making choices

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And finding solutions / solving problems

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Startups helpers / Startup food

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Incubators & Accelerators Selected projects / teams Hosting or not hosting Free, paid or takes equities Provides mentoring, events, VCs meetups…

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Incubators & Accelerators Entrepreneurs

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Startup food Techcrunch (and their free videos here)

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