Lean Marketing For Startups - How To Survive The Early Years

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General Manager of Talent Cupboard (more on this in a minute) I’m an “accidental entrepreneur” Comp Sci w/ Business grad but have since morphed into a jack of all trades. Find me on twitter: @AdamJBall

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Talent Cupboard is an online marketplace connecting businesses with the best student and graduate digital talent for freelance projects and jobs. How it works: Post a project -> set a budget & deadline -> pick a freelancer We’re passionate about helping businesses to grow and young people to gain vital work experience. It’s a win:win.

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It’s never been easier or a better time to start a business.

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Great support networks, alternative access to finance and the internet has changed the game.

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But surviving and growing a business is as hard as it’s ever been.

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500,000+ new businesses registered with Companies House last year. Only 43% of businesses survived their first 5 years between 2008 and 2013. A lack of growth is part of the problem.

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Some fundamental marketing tactics to help you through the early years and achieve growth. Metrics - define success for you Targets - make a commitment Audience - pick your tribe Channel - make some noise Track - fail fast & learn

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What is the single most important metric to your business? Revenue? Users?

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http://www.paulgraham.com/growth.html Growth becomes the compass that guides you. “Will this meeting help me hit my growth target this week?”

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Have a firm idea of who you want to be selling to. Create user personas to help you do this. Read this: http://marketingbeforefunding.com/2013/02/26/complete-guide-to-creating-a-customer-persona-for-your-startup/

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Your website

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Only 50% of SMEs and charities in the UK have a website!

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It’s 2015 and every business needs to have a strong online presence in order to survive. That’s why we’re launching a new initiative that gets businesses online for a low monthly fee rather than a huge upfront cost. We handle the design, build and hosting. Email website@talentcupboard.com if you need help with a website.

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Pick two or three channels to test at the beginning. Gain insights into which one works best for you. Content SEO Email

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The normal responses to “Do you produce content?” “I don’t understand content” “I just don’t have time to write a blog” “Where do I even start?”

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1. Plan 2. Execute 3. Distribute 4. Learn

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Plan We write for our customers. Figure out what problems & challenges they face and help by writing great content on the subject. Come up with 15-20 different blog post titles. We use Trello to organise ideas within the team.

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Figure out what’s worked for others

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Carve out time for blog writing. Come up with a schedule for when content should be live and stick to it.

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Execute You need to build a content habit. Whether that’s 500 words a day over a few days or a Sunday spent writing 2000 words in one go.

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Pro-tips Make content 2,000 words+ Use http://www.hemingwayapp.com/

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Some quick SEO wins

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Use woorank.com to get insights into where you website can improve. Use this as your cheat sheet when talking to agencies.

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Blog. A LOT.

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Make sure your site is mobile optimised. Over 60% of traffic is now via mobile. Google has recently updated it’s algorithm to weight websites on this factor.

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Email > Social Customer acquisition rate (%)

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Social is awesome for connecting with people. But there is a shift towards getting you to pay for eyeballs as social networks monetise.

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Email lists let you keep control. Use a service like Mailchimp to help you manage subscribers, grow your lists and send mobile responsive emails easily.

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Celebrate the small wins

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Don’t be afraid to mess up

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Do what you do best, outsource the rest Bloggers Coders Designers Animators Copywriters Marketers Head on over to talentcupboard.com

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Get in touch! @AdamJBall