When I Was 22: 10 Life Lessons For Millennials

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So, it’s graduation season! From the time you start school when you are young, you always wonder about this special day and can’t wait for it!

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You go to school, work hard, study hard, and count the days down towards graduation!

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Yep, that was me! Here is a picture of me graduating from Benjamin Russell HS in May 2006!

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When your were 22, what were you thinking? Were you ready to go out into the world and rock?

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Or, were you stuck in neutral and wondering what your life path would take you next?

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Whether you are graduating from high school, or from college/university, there are some things that you need to consider!

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Here are 10 life lessons I have discovered since I was age 22. Today, I am 28 years old.

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Relax! 1 Being overworked and stressed out is not good for you! You must make some time to just relax! It gives your body some rest, and it gives you time to think about things as well.

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Give Yourself Time To Figure Things Out 2 It took me to about age 25 to figure out what I can do good at, writing, photos, videos. It might take some time, but you will eventually figure out what you are good at doing!

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Don’t Rush For The Money 3 One thing I have learned is you don’t rush for the money. Don’t take that job for a lot of money, that you would not like working at. Do what you love, even if it means less pay!

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Make Mistakes 4 Just like the picture above, I can fill a book of the mistakes I have made. Yes, you are going to make mistakes, everyone does. You need to learn how to recover from the mistakes!

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Keep Being Creative 5 Even if other people leave me bad comments, and you are having a tough time, you need to keep being creative. Create new things that you love to do, it makes you better!

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Travel The World 6 If you stay in one place your entire life, you can’t learn about the different cultures around you. Travel, and meet different people and cultures, it gives you a greater perspective!

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Live, Laugh, Love 7 Even if things don’t go your way, sometimes you need to just live your life, laugh a little, and love your family/friends. It really does make you a better and well rounded person!

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Stay Positive, Dream Big 8 Sure, I always dream about what it would be like without money problems, everyone does that! While you are struggling, you need to think about the things that you have!

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Trust Your Own Instincts 9 I have had several people tell me about things I should do. You might want to do them, but you don’t want to be taken advantage of either. Sometimes you need to listen to yourself.

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Have Fun! 10 Don’t just sit there and do absolutely nothing. Get out there and have some fun! I have had bad things on my mind, and having some fun helps me think about solutions to problems.

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Don’t worry about living your life! Live life to your fullest! Don’t worry, be happy! In Closing

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