Could being perfect cost you a promotion?

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Could being perfect cost you a promotion?

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You always strive to be your best – but could being a ‘goodie-two-shoes’ ruin your chances at being promoted? Find out.

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Are you memorable? Just like that class clown from school, you need to stand out every now and then so you’re not forgotten when the promotion selection happens. You don’t need to put on a one-person show every day but show some personality and get noticed!

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Are you too nice? Sometimes it’s appropriate to challenge a colleague’s ideas or suggest a new way of doing something. Offering your opinion can highlight that you have more to offer.

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Are you too tidy? Giving yourself the chance to make a little mess every now and then can help you unleash your creativity. Try using a big piece of paper to scribble ideas, ditch the blue biro for colourful pens. Through your creative mess, you might just have your best idea yet.

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Do you avoid the water cooler gossip? Don’t go spreading rumors about colleagues, but allow yourself some time to socialise with the people in your office, you might find out some information that could help you strengthen your working relationships.

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Stop striving for perfection and be yourself. It could get you closer to that promotion you’ve been dreaming of.

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