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THE LITTLE BIG SECRET OF LANDING INTO YOUR FIRST JOB AND KICKSTART YOUR ROCKSTAR CAREER The mindset, method and interview skills to get you hired and help you grow for success in your life and career

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7 Secrets of rockstar career

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Secret #1 Your usefulness will be proven by the problems you solve

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Secret #2 Be a Self-Learner and Keep Learning

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Secret #3 Make things meaningful. Be more meaningful everyday

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Secret #4 Chances of success will multiply based on your circle of influence

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Secret #5 Don’t shy, communicate with clarity

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Secret #6 Expect the unexpected and deal with it

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Secret #7 Life is short…ENJOY!

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a good resume helps in capturing mind The resume focuses on you and the past. The cover letter focuses on the employer and the future. Tell the hiring professional what you can do to benefit the organization in the future.

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lets look at some of the really bad resume that never gets any notice of potential employer

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consequences of bad resume

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a perfectly written and structured resume is must; because employer looks at average 26 resume before shortlisting one candidate

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Components of a perfect resume

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guidelines for better resume The resume is visually enticing, a work of art. There is uniformity and consistency in the use of italics, capital letters, bullets, boldface, and underlining. There are absolutely no errors. Jobs listed include a title, the name of the firm, the city and state of the firm, and the years. All the basic, expected information is included. It is targeted. Strengths are highlighted / weaknesses de-emphasized. User powerful words Writing is concise and to the point.

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preparing for the interview

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On your interview day, you will meet HR TECHNICAL & EDUCATIONAL TRAINING FUNCTIONAL

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types of interview The Directed Interview The Undirected / Meandering Interview The Stress Interview Behavioral Interview Audition Group Interview Panel/Board Interview Tag/Team interview Meal time interview Follow up interview Telephonic interview

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Handling interview anxiety Nervousness is normal Take a deep breath and try to relax Don’t let nervousness interfere with your answers or conversation Remind yourself that this is just part of the process to see if you are a good fit for the position

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When you enter the interview room Firmly shake hands with those you meet Greet all involved in the interview process and try to remember names Be friendly to everyone (secretaries, other employees, etc.) Follow the interviewer’s lead (direction, selecting a seat, drink, etc.)

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Appearance matters Sit on the front third of the seat Men: legs uncrossed, but closed Women: legs or feet crossed if wearing a skirt, may be uncrossed, but closed Hands folded in front Sit up straight with head, neck, and chest aligned with hips Be careful of bad habits Tapping your fingers Biting your nails Playing with your hair Clicking your pen, etc.

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During the interview Do not chew gum or smoke Do not distract the interviewer Do not bring family or friends to the interview Do not use slang Do not ramble Do formulate your answers before beginning to speak; avoid “um…well…”

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During the interview Be on time Be friendly Show your enthusiasm Be positive and honest Maintain eye contact Express yourself Don’t criticize previous employers Be aware of body language Be a good listener Emphasize your strengths Be yourself Avoid personal issues Be confident Discuss ways you can contribute

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Questions you should ask What would my responsibilities and duties be? How would my performance be evaluated? How would I be supervised? What opportunities for advancement exist? Is there a training program? How much travel is required? Who would I be working with? Where will I be working?

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