3 Ways To Improve Employee Work-Life Balance

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Leading a life of fulfillment requires us to be content with not only our professional life, but with our personal life, as well. This is why maintaining a stable work-life balance is essential.

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A healthy work-life balance requires us to dedicate adequate time to both our home and work life.

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businesses should consider alternative working arrangements that allow the workforce to lead a satisfied life both in and away from the office. To ensure high morale amongst employees

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Here are three ways businesses can improve their employees’ work-life balance:

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1 Flexible Schedule

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Using a flexible schedule allows employees to work a 40-hour week while providing flexibility in their arrival and departure times. (http://www.dol.gov/dol/topic/workhours/flexibleschedules.htm)

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a flexible schedule can be beneficial to employees that have late afternoon obligations by allowing them to arrive prior to the traditional 9 a.m. starting time, and leaving before 5 p.m. For example

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Adjusted Work Week

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An adjusted workweek is similar to a flexible schedule; however, there is more of an emphasis on increasing the number of days off. (https://www.csustan.edu/sites/default/files/groups/Human%20Resources/documents/alternateworkweekschedules_0.pdf)

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a business can allow employees to work four 10-hour days. For example

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a business can allow its employees to work four 10-hour days. For example This lets employees fulfill their 40-hour obligation in fewer days, giving them the option to take the fifth day off.

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Recognize Days Off/ Leave

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No matter what strategy a business uses to help employees dedicate time to their personal life, none of it matters if they are still working when they are away from the office.

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Unless it is absolutely essential, contacting individuals outside of their work schedule for job related matters should be kept to a minimum.

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While building relationships with clients and partners is essential, the relationship that an organization has with its employees is just as important.

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Ensuring a healthy work-life balance is one way to build a strong relationship between a business and its personnel.