Personal Branding for Developers

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Personal Branding for Developers Edin Kapic

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Edin Kapic @ekapic [?edin ?ka:pit?? ]

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What Will You Learn Today? Why should you market yourself? Building a brand Your blog Using social networks Speaking Writing Summary

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Why Should You Market Yourself?

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Marketing....A Nasty Word? I think that marketing is bad I want my work to speak for me I don’t want to brag about what I do I don’t want to market myself Marketing can be done badly But we’re not a meritocracy But I don’t want to project a wrong image either But I do, all the time

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MARKETING someone who NEEDS something connecting someone who PROVIDES something with

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You already market yourself With your CV In your interviews In your interactions with other people Every time you want to convince somebody to do something But, do you choose what do you project to other people?

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Personal Branding Choosing the message you send Choosing the image you project Reaching more effectively and to more people Making an impact

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(and expose a subset of yourself)

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Why should you invest into a personal brand? You can be the best developer in the world but if nobody knows about you you’ll never reach your true potential

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Specialize your brand

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Be a big fish in a small pond

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But “I am not good enough to market myself” “I am faking it”

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Building a Brand

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What is a Brand? A logo? A name? A color? A theme? A set of expectations about a product or a service Everything associated with a product, including its symbolism and experiences

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Examples of brands

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Examples of developer personal brands

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What makes up a brand?

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Message What is your unique point of view? What are your values? Why are you different? What are you offering? Specialize, specialize, specialize “I help and inspire companies and teams to deliver their projects and optimize their work using SharePoint/Office 365 technology in an effective way”

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Visuals Logo Colours Fonts Style

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Consistency Meeting the expectations, every time Helps to keep your message clear The most overlooked component of personal branding in developers

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Exposure Repeated exposure is what makes your brand stick You get exposure by using different channels

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The Brand Lifecycle Build Plan Expose Measure Repeat

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How to build a brand?

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How to spread your brand?

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Example Niche: “C++ Windows driver development” Message: “I help companies shorten their driver development time by mentoring their teams and reviewing their code” Tagline: “Your driver problem solver” Elevator pitch: “Your company does Windows drivers? I save you on average 75.000 € in development cost by mentoring your team and reviewing your code.”

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Example Visuals: Channels Blog Twitter @DriverSheriff YouTube Driver Wild West Screencasts Mailing list Driver Sheriff Roundup Goals: Get 1000 subscribers in 6 months Get 5 leads per month Driver Sheriff

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Your Blog

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Your Blog It is the channel that you own and fully control You should provide useful content aligned with your message Think about SEO

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Your Blog = Your Business Card Prospective recruiters can know you better Clients can find and reach you You can convert your visitors into customers

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Secret Recipe for a Successful Blog

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But “Nobody is going to read it” “I don’t know what to write about”

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Using Social Networks

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Social Networks Extra channels for your message Growing and nurturing your network Same principles apply: Add value Be consistent Apply branding

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Which ones? Twitter LinkedIn StackOverflow SlideShare Facebook Pinterest Google+

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Tools to Manage Social Networks

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Speaking? Really? Speaking is a very powerful, direct connection with your audience Builds your personal brand very quickly

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How to start?

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But “I am afraid of speaking in public”

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Writing “He/she wrote a book on that subject” Writing gives us credibility as an authority Slow-paced, in-depth channel for your message

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What to write? Technical articles Books Whitepapers

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Additional considerations You’re not going to make (much) money out of publishing You can sell premium content such as videos

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“How do you want to be known” It’s not about selling, it’s about communicating 4 key brand ingredients: message, visuals, consistency, exposure Make a plan, keep it going Personal Branding for Developers

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