Beyond Startup Weekend: first steps for building a startup that works

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Beyond Startup Weekend: first steps for building a startup that works Leo Exter Founder, Partner,

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You’ve had a great start... What happens next?

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12 events = 3 real companies.

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Power tips for TEAMS.

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Find the core team quickly Schedule first meeting for Tuesday, second – for Saturday. Keep going at this pace. Set individual tasks and deadlines, see who delivers Repeat until 2-3 people left

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Heatlhcare is complicated: build network, learn fast #shamelessplug Health 2.0 meetups – Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam

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Focus on first key tasks Re-shape MVP: talk to more customers Decide where your market is: BXL, BE, Europe, World. Build a realistic revenue model Identify relevant investors for seed and A round: smart money, right network

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Speaking of investors... Seed: iMinds (iStart program) A Round: Capricorn, Volta Ventures Don’t forget “impact investors”: SI2 fund

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Power tips for INDIVIDUALS.

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In or out? Decide quickly Do you really belive in this idea? What are you prepared to give up for the next two years: Hobby? Money? Career? Weekends? All of those? Does your family support you? Do you really believe in the team?

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Communicate clearly If you’re unhappy, talk about it If you’re not convinced, talk about it If someone in the team is not living up to your expectations, talk about it

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Roll up your sleeves Do whatever needs to be done (not only what you learned in school) Learn new skills

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Got questions? ASK! @leoexter @healthstartup [email protected]