Personal Branding

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Personal Branding Stand Out From The Crowd

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3 1 2 Why Personal Branding How

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3 1 2 Why Personal Branding How

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Job Competition

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Expert, but no job

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No difference

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To Be Known!!

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Stop!! That’s Enough

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Personal Branding To Stand Out

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3 1 2 Why Personal Branding How

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Personal Branding!! What Does It Mean?! 2

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Is a Promise of Value

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Personal + Branding= Your Promise of Value

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Promise of Value Examples

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You Opportunities

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3 1 2 Why Personal Branding How

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‘‘Be Yourself Because Everyone Else is Already Taken Stop!!

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3 Exercises to Build Your Personal Brand

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Why I Need It? First Exercise

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Who You Are!! Second Exercise

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Third Exercise: Personal Branding Canvas

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Personal Branding Canvas!! Why?!

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Personal Branding Canvas Process!!

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Personal Branding Canvas 9 Blocks

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Personal Branding Canvas 3 sections

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Personal Branding Canvas Blocks Description

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Personality, professional history education, interests, passions, Values and vision. Services That You Offer It seeks to solve customer problems and satisfy customer needs with value propositions. it's how you want others to feel about you. Your Target Audience - Your Customers Resume, Portfolio, track record, Certi?cations, training, learning results Roles in associations and activities. Through which Channels do you will reach your Audience. In which do you want to invest or must you invest to successfully Brand yourself? Visibility, awareness, recognition & memorability

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Things to Keep in mind!!

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Don’t Panic If You Messed Up!!

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Always Remember The One Rule!! ‘‘Be Yourself Because Everyone Else is Already Taken

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For More Tips About Personal Branding and Career Advice Follow Us

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Personal Branding Coach Moataz Yasser Thanks All Helping Young Professionals To Stand Out From The Competition