How to Skyrocket Your Communication Skills Across the Globe

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How To Skyrocket Your Corporate Communication Skills To Irresistible Levels In 23 Countries

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 For any business to develop in today's globalized environment, cultural barriers in communication must be understood and overcome.

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Studies report productivity increase by 30% through cross-cultural communication training

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and 72% of companies that fail to provide them report frequent miscommunication issues during global business dealings.

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Richard D. Lewis, British linguist at CrossCulture, has now charted communication patterns followed by business cultures in 23 different countries.

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National Communication Patterns By CrossCulture

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Polish business communications rely on emotional appeals, strategic aggression, and factual dialogue ending in final pragmatic conclusions.

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Americans prefer clarifying their objectives right from the get-go, and push for concessions on both ends of the table to reach a rapid conclusion.

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As with Americans, Canadian business culture tends to embrace directness, but seeks greater harmony through its dialogue and actions.

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They prefer building up to professional matters, first establishing a rapport, after which they tend to stall while negotiating.

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Relies on fact-oriented discussions around metrics from past trends to propose a future course, and will undergo few rounds of counter-proposals before reaching an agreement.

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