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Top Productivity Hacks By Jan Rezab Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of

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How to Approach Work? Time is relative. How we experience time is also relative. And what we can manage in given time is completely up to us. That’s why try hard to learn do everything faster and get done more in less time.

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Think in “Blocks” My actual calendar internal external

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As people, we are short on time… 1 hour = 1 block 16 a day x 365 days 5 840 = blocks

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If you give up 1 hour of sleep, you get +365 extra blocks per year

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I try to plan my day perfectly so every block counts

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My Overview in 2015 3700 hrs worth of work 1100 hrs (with a lot of overlap!) working online 800 hrs external meetings 500 hrs traveling 1300 hrs internal meetings

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Why do I live according to these principles?

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“We have a certain limited amount of productive years on this planet.” 20 years 20 years giving it away education 20 years making money

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I started my first company when I was 14. Messed it up, learned a lot and started over. I’m 29 and have been working for 15 years now.

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Distribution of my Online Time 1 420 hrs online in 2015 Communication 30 % Entertainment 21 % Business 11 % Social Networking 9% Design 7%

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Communication Entertainment ... and I try to make Business as productive as possible Social Networking Design

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My business relies on perfect communication. I make sure to have inbox zero. COMMUNICATION

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Managing 800 Pesky Emails a Day DELETE “SPAM” FIRST Delete all the emails that are clearly irrelevant straight away. USE FILTERS I’ve built my own set of filters, identifying urgency, responsibilities and ownership etc. PRIORITIZE I always handle the external messages first. The client goes first. SET THE RULES If someone is CC’s you in an irrelevant email, remind them not to do that. COMMUNICATION

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Using Productivity Tools I use email extensively, but it’s only one of the channels I use for communication. Plain text in general does not always convey the enthusiasm or urgency. This is why I think internal social networks and social messaging platforms are going to replace email. Wunderlist Podio Slack COMMUNICATION

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Social Networks is another great channel for communication. But don’t get too carried away. Focus. SOCIAL NETWORKS

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How to Manage Your Social Find 5 minutes every 2 - 3 hours to check for updates. Turn off all notifications. They just keep you from working. If you have an important announcement to make, dedicate more than 30 minutes Don’t mistake social messaging for social networking. I believe social messaging and internal social networking are key - and it will eventually replace email. SOCIAL NETWORKS

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Sometimes you need to handle things in person. MEETINGS

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Design a Productive Meeting I think of every meeting is a time investment. Make sure you invest it effectively. Agenda: focus on the goal. Always try to give more than you take. Make sure next steps are clear. Do an immediate follow-up. The best live by this: I had a meeting with a CEO of one of the largest advertising companies in the world and as I was writing the follow-up, he beat me to it just 46 minutes after the meeting. MEETINGS

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There are some activities you can combine. ACTIVITY COMBO

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My Favorite Activity Combos TV Shows & Workouts Driving & Phone Calls Flight Time & Emails Walking & Emails ACTIVITY COMBO

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Find a great Executive Assistant. Someone you can trust! EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT

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Stellar EA Workflow Give your EA full access to your email account and calendar, and allow them to send emails and other messages on your behalf. Set the rules very carefully (e.g. emails must be approved before they’re sent). Make sure your EA has your back. (If you are in a meeting, your EA has to be able to reply urgent things). EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT

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Business travel doesn’t have to be a pain. BUSINESS TRAVEL

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Flying 1 000 000 km in 5 years... ...taught me to squeeze maximum work into my schedule. This means I try to do as much work when I am away from my family as possible and leaves me more time to spend with my dear ones when I am back. BUSINESS TRAVEL

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Travel Scheduling Tips Prioritize. First take the meetings you really want and need – for those, move your schedule around. International travel time is a problem – if you live in Europe, try and make trips to East Coast, West Coast, and maybe Mexico City in one go. BUSINESS TRAVEL

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Sometimes, it can feel exhausting. So find time for relax & creativity! CREATIVITY

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Time for Creativity! Planes and conferences work great for me. Inspirational talks do too, but they don’t give the same kick and vibe. When at home, leave the office by 6 PM at the latest. Be with your family and friends, and start working again after the kids go to bed. It will help clear your head, and more ideas will come in the 8PM+ work session. CREATIVITY

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Need an Extra Month while Having Fun? I love TV shows but watching those would take up to much of my time. So I watched all the TV shows last year at double play speed. In the end I watched around 600 hours worth of content, saving 300 hours = 28 productive 12 hour work days. CREATIVITY

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Work-life balance is challenging at times. Having a supporting family and co-workers is crucial. TAKEAWAY

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Don’t forget your health. Find time to relax and exercise. TAKEAWAY

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And most importantly, be productive so that you can spend more time with the ones you care about. TAKEAWAY

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