10 Ice Breaker Games: Getting to Know Your Office

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10 ICEBREAKER GAMES How To Get To Know Your Office

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TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE Each person tells three stories, 
 with one of them being a lie. 
 The object of the game is to 
 guess which is the lie.

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LOST ON A DESERTED ISLAND If you were stuck on a deserted 
 island, name one thing that 
 you would bring, and why.

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THE TRUST WALK People are paired into teams of 
 two, and one of the team members 
 is blindfolded. Then the person 
 who isn’t blindfolded leads the 
 other one around by following 
 their voice.

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THE ONE WORD ICEBREAKER Split the group into teams of 
 four or five people, and get 
 everyone to come up with one 
 word to describe something.

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THE FIVE FAVORITES Ask each person to list their 
 five favorites of anything to 
 see where people have things 
 in common.

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SPEED DATING Each person has a few minutes 
 to chat and get to know 
 someone else before being 
 moved to the next person.

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THE INTERVIEW Split into teams of two, and 
 interview each other. At the 
 end of the interview, each 
 person has to come up with 3 
 interesting facts about the 
 person they just interviewed.

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WHAT’S MY NAME Each person says their name 
 out loud with an adjective that 
 begins with the same letter as 
 the first letter of their name.

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WOULD YOU RATHER You go back and forth asking 
 creative questions about whether 
 the person would rather do X or Y. 
 For example, would you rather 
 eat nothing but insects for 3 
 meals straight, or not be able 
 to watch TV for a year.

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WORLD GEOGRAPHY Say the name of a country, and then the next person has to say another country, starting with the last letter from the previous one. For example, Canada → America → Afghanistan → Nigeria…

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