It's Time to Embrace O2O Advertising

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It's Time to Embrace O2O Advertising Using Online Tools to Drive More Offline Sales Thanks for visiting our Indispensable Marketing presentation, we are excited to celebrate Small Business Week . Hashtag: #sbw2014 @mcfaddenteaches - #sbw2014

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Special Thank you for those sponsoring SBW 2014: @mcfaddenteaches - #sbw2014

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It's Time to Embrace O2O Advertising @mcfaddenteaches - #sbw2014

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What we’ll cover today @mcfaddenteaches - #sbw2014 O2O (Online 2 Offline) Advertising

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O2O Advertising @mcfaddenteaches - #sbw2014 Google Adwords Google Places Facebook Targeting Landing pages

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Google AdWords @mcfaddenteaches - #sbw2014

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Google AdWords @mcfaddenteaches - #sbw2014

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Google Places @mcfaddenteaches - #sbw2014 Add images Video Brands Print coupons Mobile coupons

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Facebook targeting @mcfaddenteaches - #sbw2014 Location Age Interests Competitor

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Landing pages @mcfaddenteaches - #sbw2014 Specific to ad Specific to platform Specific to CTA Specific to suburb Unbounce Optimizely Premise

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What we covered today @mcfaddenteaches - #sbw2014 Google AdWords Google Places Facebook targeting Landing pages

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@mcfaddenteaches - #sbw2014