Hi I’m Tom Church. I’m 23 years old, I run my own business.

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Hi I’m Tom Church. I’m 23 years old, I run my own business.

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I love what I do.

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But, it wasn’t always plain sailing

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Not to long ago, I was lost…

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It’s thanks to some inspirational people that I found my direction

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I’d love to share my story with you. Show you how to harness the power in people

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Let’s go back to the start. I was in my final year of university

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Like most, I panicked about what to do in life…

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“You can do anything,” they said. “The world is yours,” they said. That should be awesome.

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Truth is, I found it overwhelming

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I didn’t know where to start

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All I knew was I wanted to work for a small company…where I could make a big impact.

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So I did some thinking….and then I did a little more thinking…

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I had an idea

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Instead of going to meet companies one by one, which would take ages

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I would convince them to come and meet me

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Muhahahahah super villain I am not

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I would create a networking event for London start-ups I could learn from them all at once

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So I started calling and sending emails… If people were interested they got back in touch.

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I set a date. London start-ups was born.

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When the time came…Nobody turned up. I was gutted.

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I must have been doing something wrong? So I changed tactics, switched to LinkedIn

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I began researching start-ups that looked interesting.

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If they passed the test…I’d invite them to meet over LinkedIn

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It was amazing to see the difference between: making direct contact…and using LinkedIn

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People found calls and emails too spammy It put them on the spot

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On LinkedIn, people were much more willing to hear what I had to say.

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They could check you out first, see if you’re legitimate

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If we shared a connection it made all the difference… Oh, he knows Emily, I can trust him.

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Anyway next time around ten people came

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…each time after that it grew and grew

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Suddenly, I was talking with loads of start-ups… Surrounded by all these inspiring people

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It was great to take a peek into the world of all these industries

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I managed to get a role at a more established company. I spent a fantastic few years gaining experience.

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Once I’d honed my skills, I was ready to return to the world of start-ups

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With such a big network, there was always a sense That an opportunity could come from anywhere

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Through one of my events, I was introduced to a design studio in Milan called FullScream

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Who were doing cool stuff like this…

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I connected with FullScream’s Creative Director Ced on LinkedIn

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FullScream wanted to expand their business to London I Convinced them I was up to the challenge and they gave me the job!

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I was a one-man team running my own company I realised that all the contacts I’d made at all the groups were now potential clients My whole network was in one place

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On top of that, LinkedIn meant I was constantly meeting new designers. Sharing work and setting a benchmark for what FullScream did

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It was a great way to stay on top of my game

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FullScream started to pick up interest. Small stuff but just what you need as a start-up

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We won some work for a major broadcaster…

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With this we could grow our team

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We’re currently making a fashion video in Milan with some of the world’s top designers

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We even got a full-page interview with a leading motion design magazine …through LinkedIn

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It’s helped with almost every aspect of the business.

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The meet-ups are still a huge part of my life. It’s been amazing to see that grow alongside the business.

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We now get around 200 people at each event We’re one of London’s biggest start-up events and now I really belong there

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I’ve seen first how meeting people can help with business

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For me personally, its been one rollercoaster of a journey With the help of a fantastic network I managed to find a career I love

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People were the secret to my success I found those people on LinkedIn

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So can you

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