7 Ways to Network Smarter on LinkedIn

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7 Ways to Network Smarter on

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LinkedIn has changed professional networking forever.

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It is a virtual, global, professional networking event that is going on 24/7.

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It accelerates and scales the relationship-building process like never before.

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Your goal with LinkedIn networking is simple.

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Your goal with LinkedIn networking is simple. NETWORK SMARTER: Help the members of your network get what they need and want.

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Your role is to go into LinkedIn and search for opportunities to guide and serve your network members.

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What do they need? What do they want? Who do they need to know? What will make them look good to their networks?

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Use these 7 strategies to start networking smarter! (and stop working so hard to promote your business!)

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Get Them in Your 1st- Degree Network 1

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Higher-quality networking is more achievable with your 1st-degree network.

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When you invite a new person into your 1st-degree network, you gain more information about them.

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The more you know, the easier it is to connect them with the right people and opportunities.

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Engage in one-to-one dialogue with 1st-degree connections through LinkedIn messaging.

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Be a Giver on LinkedIn 2

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Rule of Reciprocity When you genuinely give to others to help them solve a problem, improve, get smarter, or expand their network on LinkedIn, it will come back to you.

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There is a catch: You must be genuine and authentic in your giving.

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You must sincerely feel it and mean it. You also must expect nothing in return.

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As a giver, you will spend your time on activities such as promoting, acknowledging, thanking, endorsing, congratulating, sharing, asking, conversing, introducing, referring, and connecting others.

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Leverage the 80/20 Pareto Principle 3

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% 20 Actions Time Network of your will produce % 80 of your RESULTS

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Focus on the right people (Most Valuable Connections) with the right actions.

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By using the 80/20 rule, you will narrow your networking focus.

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This will save you time, effort, and energy, and help you achieve your desired results more quickly.

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Gather Intelligence About Your Network 4

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The power of your network is only as strong as your knowledge about the people within your network.

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Find common connection points for starting conversations, nurturing relationships, and serving the people you are connected to.

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You also have to showcase the things you care about and enjoy on social networks, including LinkedIn.

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Share as much information about yourself as you are comfortable with.

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Engage in “Five-Minute” LinkedIn Favors 5

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Quick but meaningful actions can increase your influence with others.

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Help your network members with small favors, in small increments of time.

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Small digital favors for others can differentiate you and position you as a valuable resource to your network.

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Connect people Share a valuable resource Provide feedback or assistance Post an answer or recommendation

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Notice (and Act) on the Little Things 6

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LinkedIn makes it easy for you to stay updated on some of the little things happening with your network.

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Small gestures of acknowledgement give you the opportunity to stay top of mind with your connections.

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LinkedIn Updates e-mail Receive a customized daily e-mail about birthdays, work anniversaries, job changes, or “in the news” appearances

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LinkedIn Connected app Send short, personalized messages to your connections

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Develop Strategic Partnerships 7

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A strategic partner is someone who is already in front of your target market providing a noncompeting service.

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Promote Introduce Endorse Recommend Your Partner

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To open up strategic partnering opportunities, clearly communicate on your LinkedIn profile exactly what you do and whom you help.

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Want to learn Advanced Strategies to Network Smarter on ?

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DOWNLOAD your FREE TIP SHEET: 9 Quick Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Influence Download Your FREE Tip Sheet!

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DOWNLOAD your FREE TIP SHEET: 9 Quick Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Influence Download Your FREE Tip Sheet! Click now!

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