Lessons Learned: My First 30 Days as an Entrepreneur

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Lessons from: My first 30 days as an entrepreneur

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1. Emotional rollercoaster. Really.

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Remember this one? Enjoy the highs Endure the lows

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2. Prioritization as a habit

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Daily. Weekly. Monthly That feeling when there’s so much work to do. From different areas. Ideally yesterday? Prioritize like there’s no is tomorrow.

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3. Make the most of the flexibility

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That cliché The “Work anywhere, anytime” one. Make the most of it. Discover what works best for you. Don’t be lazy and experiment.

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4. Adapt via fast decisions

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Decided this one is self-explanatory

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5. Context switching f***s you up

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Really important As the spectrum of work is really broad, The risk of context switching increases. Group similar tasks in a working session. Use the time management techniques you know.

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6. “Never eat alone”

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A business lunch every single day Or breakfast. Or dinner. Could be possible clients. Possible partners. Possible team members.

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7. Most valuable part of a meeting: the follow-up

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8. Do not always be pitching

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Yes, your business is important to you But give people a slack. I’m sure you can find some other interesting topics to discuss.

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9. The importance of disconnecting

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Mana needs to be restored Currently experimenting with: No business related anything 1 day per week + each day after 10PM

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Entrepreneur Product Manager Consultant Bülent Duagi Co-Founder MobileAcademy.ro Community Builder Trainer HR Business Partner Speaker Engineer Learner

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