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HOW TO ENCHANT EMPLOYERS During Job Interviews Accredited Online Training

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The secret to a successful interview is to enchant your employer. THE SECRET SAUCE

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READY YOUR RESOURCES Prompt your personal references. Be prepared and review your resume.

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Research more about the company and the job position you’re eyeing for. DO YOUR HOMEWORK

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Acquaint yourself with people who work in the same company and connect with them. GET CONNECTED WITH OTHER PEOPLE IN THE COMPANY Converse with them in Linkedin. Ask about the position and what it feels like working in the company.

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When the employer gives you the chance to ask questions, don't hesitate. ASK FEW QUESTIONS Ask about how the department you'll be working for is like, how the environment is and generally, how the company will look like in the next 5 years.

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Physical appearance is a reflection of how you work. LOOK GOOD Appearance and neatness plays a big role during job interviews. Dress to impress.

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The entire process does not end when the interview is over and you are already shaking the hand of the potential employer. STAY ENGAGED constantly follow up on your application.

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