Climate-smart Agriculture

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Climate-smart Agriculture

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Peter Holmgren, FAO 3 November 2009

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Two Goals of Our Time Achieving Food Security 1 billion hungry Food production to increase 70% by 2050 Adaptation to Climate Change critical Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change ”2 degree goal” requires major emission cuts Agriculture and Land use = 30% of emissions.. ..and needs to be part of the solution

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Climate Change and Food Security Climate Change, Food and Security

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But solutions also depend on Demographic changes population urbanization Economic growth Structural changes in agriculture Consumption patterns

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Remember: Climate change mitigation will never be the main goal for agriculture.

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Climate-smart Agriculture Agriculture that sustainably: increases productivity increases resilience (adaptation) reduces/removes GHGs AND enhances achievement of national food security and development goals

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Key messages 1: Practises Climate-smart practices exist Ecosystem approach at landscape level is crucial Investments are needed in filling data and knowledge gaps Research & Development of technologies, methodologies conservation and production of varieties and breeds

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Key messages 2: Policies Smallholders need institutional and financial support for the transition Strengthened institutions for dissemination and coordination Consistency between agriculture, food security and climate change policies

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Key messages 3: Finance Available financing, current and projected, are substantially insufficient Combining finance (public/private, climate change/food security) improves options Fast-track financing must take sector-specific considerations into account

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On scope of agriculture mitigation It is not only about soils. Vegetation in agriculture landscapes has a very large potential Emission reductions per produced unit will be a major contribution

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Two Goals Achieving Food Security Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change We must reach both.

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Peter Holmgren, FAO 3 November 2009