Connected Car – World Record Race

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Connected Car – World Record Race Gareth Martin @Gareth_IM

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The Race • • • • 2 1 team 19,000 km 19 countries 8 days

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The Team

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The Test Cases Driver behaviour analysis Social media analysis Usage based insurance 4 Road quality analysis Road maintenance optimization Channel optimization

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Social Media data The Data Sentiment Latitude Weather Visibility Temperature Longitude Altitude Geolocation Weather Condition Wind Speed Wind Direction Machine Data Analytics GPS data Live basic car data Image data Audio data Navi Data collection via in-car App Data Logger Consumer App Test Cases 5

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The prep …a flying start…

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Usage Based Insurance Determine driving behavior Business case: • Insurance, car rental or car sharing companies can develop new business models • Pay-how-you-drive Drive-Style clusters: • Based on combined throttle position, lateral acceleration, driving assistant intervention, breaking habits, steering corrections, speed

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Road Maintenance Optimisation Continuous road surface identification Pothole detection Lat: 4° 30' 58.2834" Long: 38° 16' 15.1458"

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One connected car crash

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Platform Analytics Skills + Success! = 10

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