5 Apple Car Rumors We Learned Over the Past Month

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5 Apple Car Rumors We Learned Over the Past Month

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Since then, some have speculated that Farady Future is actually a front for Apple’s car, code named Project Titan. The rumors speculate that Apple may not be able to keep such a massive car-building project under wraps and may be using the company to hide in plain sight. 9to5Mac published an article refuting the idea, but at this point it’s not completely conclusive. Apple hiding in plain sight Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported on the relatively unknown Faraday Future electric carmaker. The carmaker recently received a massive $1 billion investment, and employs the former head designer of the electric BMW i8, a former interior designer from Ferrari, a battery specialist from SpaceX, and Tesla’s former director of vehicle and chassis engineering. Image credit: Faraday Future.

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More autonomous car rumors Last month, Apple hired an artificial intelligence (AI) expert, Jonathan Cohen, away from NVIDIA. Cohen was the former director of deep learning at the chipmaker and has extensive experience in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), such as NVIDIA’s DRIVE PX. That system uses visual processing and deep learning to make autonomous cars a reality. Image credit: NVIDIA.

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Towards the very end of September, Apple purchased a 27-acre space in San Jose for $166 million. AppleInsider speculates that the company may end up using the new space for its automotive project. While nothing has been confirmed yet, Apple would likely need a large space for its growing automative project that would be located close to its headquarters in Cupertino. Possible Apple car land purchase Image credit: Google.

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Last month, Reuters reported that the electric motorcycle company Mission Motors filed for bankruptcy, after Apple poached numerous top employees away from the company. Starting in 2012, Apple hired a total of eight employees away from the 35-person team, fueling speculation that Apple’s car will be electrically powered. Mission’s former CEO Derek Kaufman told Reuters, “Mission had a great group of engineers, specifically electric drive expertise. Apple knew that - they wanted it, and they went and got it." Electric drive system hires Image credit: Mission Motors.

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In October, Apple acquired a natural language speech recognition company called VocalIQ, which created software that actively learns from past conversations. Using this type of technology could allow users to interact with a device using conversational language, instead of preset commands and phrases. While the tech could be used in many of Apple’s products, VocalIQ’s software specialized in voice-recognition for automobile interfaces. A voice-controlled automobile Image credit: Apple.

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