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Rust Proofing – A Simple Way to Protect Your Car from Rust www.noxudolusa.com

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“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure” Rust – It is unsightly, unsafe and undesirable! Rust can drastically depreciate your car’s resale value. www.noxudolusa.com

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HOW RUST STARTS The way rust usually begins is through the chips and nicks you receive from the pebbles and stones that pepper your car through daily driving. www.noxudolusa.com

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WHERE TO LOOK FOR RUST The most likely areas to check for rust would be in and around the wheel wells and on the fenders immediately behind the tires. These are the war zones where your tires will kick up stones and chip the paint. The front of your car can also catch flying stones from other cars, making this a problem area as well. www.noxudolusa.com

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HOW TO KEEP RUST FROM STARTING Clean the dirt from the chips with a rag dampened with mineral spirits and let dry. Using a touch-up brush, dab a little paint on the nick, just enough to fill in the gap. Visit your manual car wash on a monthly basis and spray the underside of your car and inside the wheel wells too. www.noxudolusa.com

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WHAT ARE THE MOST POPULAR RUST REMOVAL PRODUCTS FOR CARS? There are several popular rust removal products for cars in the market at present. A few of the most popular products include: NOXUDOL 300 & NOXUDOL 1100. They are specially formulated for use with cars. www.noxudolusa.com

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BENEFITS OF RUST PROTECTION INCLUDE: Protecting your vehicle from maintenance issues and serious problems, like brake failure Preserving the beauty of your car’s finish, and can actually keep the vehicle resale value from dropping Keeping the body of your car strong and safe www.noxudolusa.com

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SHOP FOR RUST PREVENTION PRODUCTS AT NOXUDOL USA Noxudol USA is a superior line of undercoating, rustproofing products, rust inhibitor spray…. manufactured and engineered to provide excellent protection to all motor vehicles. For more details, Call@ 818-308-8430/818-308-8428 Visit @ www.noxudolusa.com www.noxudolusa.com