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Tata Nano “Bring home happiness” Price Range: 1.95L- 2.58L Mileage: 22.2 km/pl (city); 25.4 km/pl (Highway) PROS: Cheapest car in the world Efficiency Diminutive size Styling CONS: Build quality Storage space

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Maruti Alto 800 LX “Let’s go Khisko” Price Range: Rs. 2.48L- 3.62L Mileage: 17.0 km/pl (city); 22.7 km/pl (highway) PROS: Looks good Improved engine CONS: Still not enough space Cabin noise

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Hyundai Eon “Now India On…” Price Range: 2.90L- 3.92L Mileage: 17.3 km/pl (city); 21.1 km/pl (Highway) PROS: Best-in-Class looks  Best-in-Class Interiors Great Fuel Economy  Most feature rich car of the segment CONS: High priced Loses confidence at high speeds Unrefined Engine  NVH level is high

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Hyundai Santro “The sunshine car” Price Range: 3.07L- 4.15L Mileage: 13.7 km/pl (city); 17.0 km/pl (Highway) PROS: Fuel efficiency Easy to drive CONS: Rear space Headroom

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Datsun GO “Break Through” Price Range: 3.18L- 3.77L Mileage: 17.0 km/pl (city); 20.6 km/pl (Highway) PROS: Has a big car feel Spacious and big in size CONS: NVH levels could be better Misses out on safety features

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Chevrolet Spark “Runs Deep” PROS: Looks Interior space Equipment level CONS: Ride quality Price Range: 3.51L- 4.07L Mileage: 14.0 km/pl (city); 16.2 km/pl (Highway)

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Maruti A-Star “Stop @ Nothing” Price Range: 3.88L- 4.71L Mileage: 17.0 km/pl (city); 19.0 km/pl (Highway) PROS: Nice fuel efficiency Very easy to drive High mileage Reasonably priced CONS: Cramped interiors

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Hyundai i10 “Catch the i” Price Range: 3.96L- 4.73L Mileage: 16.4 km/pl (city); 19.8 km/pl (Highway) PROS: Decent fuel economy. Spacious. Enough head room. Good interiors Really easy to handle  CONS: Not great Mileage

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Chevrolet Beat “Plan ahead” Price Range: 4.04L- 6.05L Mileage: Diesel- 22.5 km/pl (city); 25.4 km/pl (highway) Petrol- 15.2 km/pl (city); 18.6 km/pl (highway) PROS: Good ride quality Stable at speed Good for night driving Digital tachometer Power steering CONS: Not very spacious Visibility drivers due to high bonnet

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Honda Brio “Loves you back” Price Range: 4.10L- 6.10L Mileage: 16.2 km/pl (city); 19.4 km/pl (highway) PROS: Comfortable ride Driving visibility Manoeuvrability CONS: Equipment level Gets choppy on uneven highways