15 Things You Didn’t Know About Tesla Motors

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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Tesla Motors

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1. A historic public debut Tesla went public in June, 2010 Its stock market debut was the first time a U.S. automaker had gone public in more than half a century

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2. Musk’s public payday Tesla’s chief executive Elon Musk sold 900,212 shares at the company’s initial offering worth around $15.3 million, according to SEC filings

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3. A lucrative land grab Tesla purchased its 380-acre Freemont auto factory in 2010 for just $42 million Today, its Freemont facility is reportedly worth around $2 billion

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4. Unprecedented approach to service Tesla began making “house calls” in 2009 in which the company would send technicians to a customer’s house to fix problems with their Tesla vehicles

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5. Best service in the business Customers can opt for $100 per visit for a Tesla-certified ranger to service their vehicle in the comfort of their home Tesla’s legacy of convenient service continues today.

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6. Tesla was inspired by Zappos In the early days, Tesla studied Zappos.com’s approach to customer service The automaker also relied on feedback from its then customer base of just 700 owners in 2009

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7. First-mover advantage In 2009, Tesla Motors was the only automaker selling highway-capable electric vehicles in North America and Canada Today every major automaker is selling an EV

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8. Exceptional international growth At the end of 2010 Tesla operated just 14 retail stores or showrooms worldwide Today, Tesla has more than double that amount of stores in Europe alone

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9. Nasdaq’s most misunderstood stock In 2011, Tesla Motors was the most shorted stock on the Nasdaq Tesla’s shares are up more than 1,022% since then Last year, Tesla’s stock was one of the best performers in the S&P

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10. An auto dealer for the 21st century In 2001, Tesla became one of the first U.S. auto companies to offer customers a digital design studio in which they could design their car online and purchase directly from the site

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11. Innovator of the year Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk wins the Wall Street Journal’s Innovator of the Year award in 2011 Musk was recognized for revolutionizing three major industries including autos, energy, and space exploration

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12. Fastest selling Tesla also most delayed In 2012 when the company unveiled its Model X SUV EV it was its fastest selling Tesla ever, based on advanced sales Model X has since been delayed three times First deliveries expected later this year

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13. Supercharging the EV market Tesla constructed its first six Supercharger station in secret ahead of the launch of its U.S. Supercharger network in 2012 Last year, Tesla expanded the network by a whopping 400%

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14. A reputation for trickery Tesla loves a good prank, every year it releases a special press release on April Fool’s day This year it was announcing the Tesla W meant to spoof the Apple watch

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15. Tesla’s boldest move yet Last year, Tesla did something unheard of in the auto industry and publicly released all of its patents Tesla now encourages other major automakers to use its visionary technology

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