How to Safely break in to your nitro-fueled rc Car

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How to Safely break in to your nitro-fueled rc Car RC Cars 101

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Breaking-in to your nitro RC car may not be as difficult as it is to be but for those who haven’t tried it yet, it can be tricky and complicated. However you can’t help but break in because you need to have a regular tune-up to maintain optimum performance.

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To understand things better in this material, learning some of the terms may be very helpful. Tuning: It is all about the balance of fuel and air in your engine. These two are very essential in making sure that your car is always in good condition thus, the required ratio of water and fuel must always be observed. Lean Mixture: more water than fuel Rich Mixture: fuel than water Fuel Pressure: The entire RC car engine system relies on the pressure effect that takes place in the engine tubes. If there is a leak somewhere, you can expect a poor performance. Sometimes, it won't even run at all! Operating Temperature: Temperature should reach 160F to 270F for better tuning results. Any cooler than this might not give you the result you desired.

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Similarly, you should also know the parts where you will adjust, loosen, tighten, or replace during the process. These are: The main purpose of low space needle is to control the amount of fuel to enter the engine. Therefore, it is your accelerator's side-kick.

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Idle needle regulates the carb opening and acts like a stop of the carb whenever you break.

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High speed needle regulates the entry of fuel to the engine in middle to high rpm.

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Now that you’ve learned the different terms and engine parts, you’re now ready to take on the first step of breaking in to your remote control vehicle. STEP 1: Check your glow plug if it’s in good condition. Make Sure it’s working by testing it with a glow plug igniters.

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STEP 2: Put fuel into your fuel tank. Remember not to start-up your RC vehicle without the air filters. This may cause your engine to stuck on dirt or debris that can damage it.

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STEP 3: Plug the carborator and pull the pull start many times. This will primarily start your engine and takes the fuel up to your carborator.

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STEP 4: Start your engine and let it idle for a couple of minutes. Then, occasionally steer the controls while the car is on idle. Since you want to be use a rich setting for break in, it is advisable to give the engine more power. However, remember to maintain a low speed in order for the tank to load up every few seconds.

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STEP 5: After few minutes of setting it to idle, it’s time for you to give it some acceleration. Test drive your rc car on a plain ground and remember to keep the pace medium to make sure that all engine parts are properly lubricated. Do this until the car reaches its adequate break-in temperature.

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