Canada wheels presents

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Canada wheels presents

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Top new car technologies Canada wheels presents

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Run-flat tires This scenario is what makes run-flat tires the most desired high-tech option of them all

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Dual-stage airbags If you've ever felt the force of an airbag hitting you in the face after a fender-bender, you understand the appeal of dual-stage "smart" airbags. 

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Navigation systems Many car makers are learning that buyers are willing to pay more than twice the cost of a portable navigation system for an in-dash navi.

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Premium surround sound Luxury surround-sound systems like the are the most talked-about in car circles. 

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Active cornering headlight system These "smart" headlamps are probably the most crucial part of your cars

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Back-up assist Many cars have adopted the rear-view camera to boost visibility when backing up.

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Blind spot detection It's probably a good thing this feature can usually be turned on or off at will.

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Heated and cooled seats Heated seats have been around a while, but now the heated/cooled option is gaining in popularity.

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Advanced keyless entry system These "smart" systems stay in your pocket or purse and automatically unlocks the doors

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Personal assistance safety services Personal safety is must, and these latest car technologies provides it first.

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About us We sell the best custom rims for your cars as well as for trucks. Big brands like a Good Year, Bridgestone, Yokohama etc are available here.

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Contact Us Canada Wheels 525 Seymour Street Vancouver BC V6B 3H7, Canada Telephone : +1(800) 453-4484 Email - Sales@canadawheels.ca Our Online Store - www.canadawheels.ca

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