10 Current Trends Shaping the Future of Car Ownership

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10 CURRENT TRENDS SHAPING THE FUTURE OF CAR OWNERSHIP Survey conducted July 2015 N=1000 respondents

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Now that you can buy a self driving car in California, a Hydrogen powered car in most countries, and a fully electric car anywhere, what are our expectations as consumers, of a car industry on the verge of immense upheaval?

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WE EXPECT RAPID INNOVATION FROM THE CAR INDUSTRY “Consider recent innovations such as car sharing programs, hybrid, fully electric, and self driving cars. In the face of these innovations, the days of car ownership as we know it are…” Set to continue: 59.1% Numbered: 36.3% Over: 4.6%

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WE’LL CONTINUE TO BUY CARS • Only 5.1% expect to join a car sharing program in the future • Currently only 6.1% of respondents have been or are part of a car sharing program • Only 21.6% of respondents expect the popularity of car sharing programs to increase over the next five years

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AVAILABILITY AND ADOPTION OF EMISSION REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY TO GROW RAPIDLY. • More than half of respondents expected fully electric vehicles to be commonplace on roads by the time they next purchased a car. • Over 25% expected the same to be true of self driving cars.

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TRADITIONAL FEATURES REMAIN THE MOST IMPORTANT • 23.7% of respondents listed innovations in safety as having the most influence over a brands perceptions as innovative and modern. • This was chosen over internet connectivity, emission reduction, and self driving technology.

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WE CONSIDER OURSELVES EARLY ADOPTERS • When asked to describe our trial intentions, a combined 51.4% of us responded “I have already tried them”, or “I can’t wait to try them”

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WE EXPECT THE CAR MANUFACTURERS TO DELIVER THE GOODS • The two top areas that respondents expected would experience the greatest level of innovation over the next five years were emission reduction, followed by Internet connectivity. • Practicality, reliability and luxury occupied the lowest three places.

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WE EXPECT THESE INNOVATIONS BE AFFORDABLE FROM THE START • Traditional maker of affordable cars Japan was the first choice of respondents for the nation of manufacturers that would make these innovations mainstream. • Japan was ahead of nations of more expensive models Germany and Italy.

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THE INNOVATIONS ARE ALREADY INFLUENCING OUR PURCHASE DECISIONS • 30.4% claimed the impending availability of these innovations will lead them to spend more on their next car purchase. • 24.9% claimed to have delayed the purchase of a new car until these are more widely available.

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EARLY ADOPTERS ARE SMALL CAR DRIVERS • 23.7% expected their next car purchase to be a Hybrid small car or hatch back • 18% expected their next car purchase to be a fully electric small car or hatch back

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GENERATIONAL SPLIT IN OWNERSHIP APPROACH • Surprisingly, it’s over 50s who are adopting car sharing and alternative taxi services in greater numbers than younger motorists. • They also report having greater appetite for this fluid car ownership than younger people.

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METHODOLOGY • 10 questions put to Google Consumer Insights online research panel • Sample size = 1000 • Meta-data includes; respondent age, gender, annual income, marital status • Statistical significance determined for all lead responses

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