1st place Daily Life – Abu Mwesigwa

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1st place Daily Life – Abu Mwesigwa

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2nd place Daily Life – Oscar Kibuuka Mukisa

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3rd Place Daily Life – Joel Nsadah Isababi

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Honorable Mention Daily Life – Daudi Murungi

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1st place Portrait – Peter Tera

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2nd place Portrait – Daudi Murungi

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‘Black & white’, a portrait from Papa Shabani’s ongoing project about the roles and relationships of the albino community. Shabani is also a poet and graffiti artist, and won third place in the portrait category. Photograph: Papa Shabani /Uganda Press Photo Award

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Honorable Mention Portrait – Wagner Wabire

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1st place Nature – Matthias Mugisha

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2nd Place Nature – Drake Ssentongo

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3rd place Nature – Faiswal Kasirye

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Honorable Mention Nature – Kennedy Oryema

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1st place Sports – Micheal Nsubuga

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2nd Place Sports – Norman Katende

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3rd Place Sports – Daniel Bwette

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Honourable mention Sports – Johnson Mubiru

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1st place Creative – Matthias Mugisha

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2nd Place Creative – Joel Nsadah Isababi

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3rd Place Creative – Wasswa James

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Honorable Mention Creative – Darlyne Komukama

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1st Place Story – Daniel Edyegu Enwaku

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2nd Place Story – Colleb Mugume

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3rd Place Story – Joel Nsadah Isababi

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News category Photograph: Richard Sanya/Uganda Press Photo Award

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 News category. Photograph: Colleb Mugume /Uganda Press Photo Award

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 From circumcision to gospel hip hop: the best of Uganda's Press Photo Awards 2014 Photojournalism in east Africa was celebrated on 16 October with the second annual Uganda Press Photo Awards. Here is a selection of the most striking images on show at Makerere University Art Gallery in Kampala END 21-OCTUBRE-2014