Emir of Kano from the series Egungun, 2013, by Ade Adekola, Nigeria

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Emir of Kano from the series Egungun, 2013, by Ade Adekola, Nigeria

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Patrick Willocq

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Namsa Leuba

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Patrick Willocq

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Abraham Oghobase from Nigeria presents Untitled, 2012

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Jide Odukoya, Nigeria

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Bayo Omoboriowo

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From the series Red Gold, 2014, by Nigeria’s Bayo Omoboriowo

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Glenna Gordon of the US presents an image from the series Sin is a Puppy That Follows You Home: Romance Novelists in Northern Nigeria, 2014

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This is What Hatred Did, 2014, by Cristina de Middel, from Spain

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Cristina de Middel

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From the series The Masked Woman, 2014, by Jenevieve Aken, Nigeria

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From the series Lagos (Iyana Ipaja), 2014, by Hans Wilschut, the Netherlands

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Bayo Omoboriowo

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Camouflage, 2014, by Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou, Benin

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Anonymous Fulani Print by Aisha Augie-Kuta from Nigeria. From the series Material Culture, 2013

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Maria, New Ways of Photographing the New Masai, 2014, by Jan Hoek of the Netherlands

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Aisha Augie-Kuta

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 Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou – Musclemen

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From the series Humanae, 2012-ongoing. By Angelica Dass, Brazil/Spain

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Cristina de Middel

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Namsa Leuba

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