Visiting Prague

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Fragments of Prague

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Citis, proc, Lasko, s tebou truchlim dnes, jak kruta ztrata pali, a vim, ze tizi, boli te me zlo — ne, nase zlo, protoze o tyz tes svou lod jsme ztroskotali a zaroven tim slunce pohaslo.

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Love, you feel how deep and bitter is this loss, where I grieve with you: and know the weight and pain of my ill, or rather ours, because a reef has shattered the vessel, and in a moment our sun is darkened. Amor, te hablo a ti, pues te provoca cuanto es mi dano grave; y se que a ti mi mal duele y abruma, o mejor nuestro, que en la misma roca rompio de ambos la nave, y el sol nos oculto la misma bruma. Francesco Petrarca - Canzoniere (Rerum vulgarium fragmenta) CCLXVIII Che debb'io far? che mi consigli, Amore?

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cast Fragments of Prague images and text credit        www.   www.photo-prague.net zhola.com www.fotopraha.com   Music Yanni        created o.e. thanks for watching