Photographer of the year winner: On the river, by Vladimir Proshin

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Photographer of the year winner: On the river, by Vladimir Proshin

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Winning shots from Siena International Photography Awards 2015 In its first year, the Siena International Photography Awards  is already Italy’s biggest photography contest, attracting entries from more than 100 countries. Following the announcement of the winners on 31 October, we showcase a selection of incredible shots now on display in the Tuscan city

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Nature: Lake Bogoria, by Franco Cappellari

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Open colour: Shwamibagh temple, Bangladesh, by Noor Ahmed Gelal

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Open colour winner: Cappadocia balloon, by Giulio Montini

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Nature winner: Showtime, by Hasan Baglar

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Travel: At prayer in Bagan, Myanmar, by Lim Chee Keong

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Open colour: Braving the storm, by Joseph Tam

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Travel: Coming to get salt, by Jorgen Johanson

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Travel winner: Jumping over the train, Gazipur, Bangladesh, by Noor Ahmed Gelal

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Nature: Descent to Rivendell, by Enrico Fossati

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Travel: Summer day on the French Riviera, by Sebastien Nogier

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Travel: Sunrise at the Great Wall of China, by Joseph Tam

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Other Entries

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Rucsandra Calin - For you

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Massimo Lanteri - The sisters

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Ali Al-Zaidi - Welcome to bajau

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Achim Koepf - Antarctica

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Tibor Kercz - Spring snack

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Alex Varani - Nap at work

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Marco Tagliarino - ll riposo del cammelliere

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Giuseppe Bonali - Specchio specchio

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Simone Chierici - Snail reflection

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Alexander Stewart - Bluebells in the Mist

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Enrique Lopez - Tapia "Rain"

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Dinh Hoa Ngo - People and sea

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Mamdooh Alsaleh - Motherhood

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Massimo Della Latta - Tappeti

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Yury Pustovoy - Sahara

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Angiolo Manetti - Ray of light

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Juan Pixelecta Garca Lucas - Trees in love

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Fiorenzo Carozzi - Nebbie mattutine

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Mamdooh Alsaleh - Tom Sawyer

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Noor Ahmed Gelal - Living in harmony

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Germano Miele - Eyes that you enter as arrows in the heart

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Saswati Chakraborty - Escape velocity

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Marco Bartolini - Coraggio

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Kamal Mostofi - The eye of Jade

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