Welcome to Miami

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Welcome to Miami

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Home of Picasso and His Offspring

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Why Art? Art is the OLDEST investment mechanism Art is a device that creates the means for corporate inspiration and culture setting And is the most effective way to communicate sophistication, refinement, security, stability and achievement After a Short While I Also Discovered... Buying art from countries of weak currency increases the likelihood of appreciation Capital gains are not taxable (until April 2012) Contemporary art prices aren’t closely correlated to the market http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13148864

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What is the Market Telling Us?

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But Why Latin American Art?

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Modern, Impressive, Elegant

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Embodies Latin America

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In These Times... Latin American Art Just Clicks Low transportation expenses Appealing to the growing Latino population They capture the sense of renaissance that we want to project And because....

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Latin American Artists Are... Picasso and His Offspring