Life and Times of Martiros Saryan

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Family With wife All family

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Realism A nook of the peach garden Church Karmravor

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Realism Mount Ararat Gifts of outumn

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Realism Sevan lake Still life

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Realism Self portrait Self portrait

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Expressionism Flowers from Chamlych Flowers of Armenia

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Expressionism Portrait of victoria Alabyan In the springtime Mottled landscape

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Impressionism Armenian spring in Norke Wistaria

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Symbolism Ararat A street noon

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Fauvism Constantinople Ararat a study for Armenia

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Life is an island. People come out of the sea, cross the island, and return to the sea. But this short life is long and beautiful. In getting to know nature man exalts the wonder and beauty of life Martiros Saryan

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Vanadzor N16 primary school ARMENIA For eTwinning The end