Digital Ethnography

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Digital Ethnography Angyel’s Art Gallery Asta Young Professor Stokrocki Fall 2014 AVATAR NAME: Squirmlez

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Ethnography: Brian A. Hoey is a cultural anthropologist also known as an ethnographer. In his words, he describes Ethnography as a qualitative research project. During this research, the goal is to provide a very in-depth and detailed description of our every day life and practice. Ethnography can be defined as both a qualitative research process and also product whose aim is through cultural interpretation. When a person studies ethnography, they tend to report their experience and details in the ways a person may live. (Source: Hoey) Digital Ethnography: Digital Ethnography is a method when representing real life situations through storytelling within the digital world. Through this, it allows the audience to engage and experience a different culture through a digital based community. Digital Ethnography allows the audience to approach and interact with each other in order to create cultural narratives. (Source: Utpress.Utexas) DEFINITIONS

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DIGITAL ETHNOGRAPHY STAGES Data Collection This term defines the process in gathering and measuring information depending on the interest. This is done in a manner that enables a person to answer research questions, test out certain hypotheses, and then evaluate the outcome. (Source: Ori.hhs.gov) Content Analysis Content Analysis is a tool used to research and focus on content and features of the media. Through content analysis, it helps determine the use of certain words, themes, characters, and certain text. It is used to decipher and break down content. (Source: Ischool.Utexas) Comparative Analysis This is an item-by-item comparison of two or more processes. It is used to solve and compare sets of data and products, which is then used for analysis. (Source: Ask.com)

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And my journey at Angyel’s Art Gallery begins… Questions I wondered: What artwork forms and methods does she use? What is her preference in work? How does she enjoy using Second Life to show her work? What is her inspiration? What does she do in the Real Life?

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CONTEXT AND ATMOSPHERE Atmosphere & Context Analysis: The location of her gallery is very cool and calming. The area is very secluded and is constantly snowing outside. I found it to be very peaceful upon arrival, and was greeted by a flight of stairs that turned to the first floor. The location is a four story square building, where it is all dedicated to her artwork. Upon entering, she showcases a description about herself and a teleporter to different floors. Each floor has different art forms of hers such as paintings and photography. The color scheme of the gallery is white and simple. The layout is very plain, but it puts the artwork on display. On each level there is one particular piece that is centered on with a bench in front. There, you were able to take a picture in front of it and learn more about the piece. I chose this place because of the elegance and simplicity of it. The place looked very high class and classy, but at the same time was very inviting and secluded. LINK: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blair/28/109/137

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WHO IS THE ARTIST? The artist I chose her Second Life name is Angyel. Her name in the real world is Rosangela. I chose her because she seemed different than most artists. When I first approached her, she was surprised and shocked someone enjoyed her artwork. This made me even more want to interview her because I feel as if no one should be ashamed of their work. Everyone is an artist no matter what they create or no matter what their skill level is. She has her own gallery which I found when typing in art gallery within the search box. Her avatar looks ethnic and young wearing clothing that looks Indian. After interviewing her later, I found out she lives and is from Brazil. She particularly enjoyed posing in specific ways in front of her artwork. I was able to message her to meet up, and she happened to be online. From there, we were able to engage in an interview with each other.

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DATA COLLECTION [15:02] Angyel: Hi, and ty for the invitation and friendship [15:02] Angyel: Smiles [15:02] Squirmlez: Of course! I was wondering if I could interview you for a class project of mine for school? I go to ASU and would love to interview for one of my classes about your artwork. [15:03] Angyel: Well, did u saw my art? I am like a kid in my art, lol. If I could help, of course I will, but I do not think I am an “artist”, I am more a lover of art, smiles [15:06] Squirmlez: yes I did and anyone can be an artist as long as they have a love for it. I would love your help if possible. Can we meet up at your gallery and discuss a few things? [15:07] Angyel: yes, one minut, wait one minut [15:07] Squirmlez: sounds good ? [15:07] Angyel: I am going, I am glad u like, nice to meet u [15:08] Squirmlez: nice to meet you too! Where are you from? [15:09] Angyel: I am from Brazil. Smiles. U are so young in second life? [15:10] Squirmlez: That’s awesome! Just recently started because of school. How long have you been on Second Life? How long have you had this gallery up?

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[15:10] Angyel: I am in second life for 2 years and 4 months and I started my gallery about a year ago [15:10] Squirmlez: What kind of art do you usually like making on Second Life? [15:11] Angyel: Photos but I like to build too, I am building this gallery [15:12] Squirmlez: What do you think are the benefits in making art on Second Life? [15:12] Angyel: well if you think u will get money with art in sl you are wrong. We do art in sl just because we love art [15:12] Squirmlez: I think that is the great way of thinking! [15:13] Angyel: like in rl, art in sl is to expose, to show what we do and yes [15:13] Squirmlez: I highly agree with you. Those people out there just trying to make money on second life with their art don’t know the true meaning of art. What kind of artist are you in real life? What do you do? [15:14] Angyel: I do some oil on canvas and photos, and I am a musician too, but not professional. Just for love. And I am a teacher, language teacher, smiles.

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[15:15] Squirmlez: That is great. This piece right behind us, what medium did you use to make it? Is this piece acrylic? Oil? Watercolor? Or a photograph [15:16] Angyel: This is a photo [15:16] Squirmlez: That is beautiful. Looks like a painting almost! [15:17] Angyel: Yes, I love it too [15:17] Squirmlez: What do you find your inspiration to be? [15:18] Angyel: Well, I think that I have lots of inspirations, as I am a musician, yes, the music is my inspiration. And the poetry. In fact, I think I am more a poetry trying to make photos, lol. [15:18] Squirmlez: Those are great things to be inspired by. [15:18] Angyel: I am poetry in rl as well. A poet I mean. [15:18] Squirmlez: You have many talents! Would you mind if we could sit in front of this piece so I could take a screenshot of us both?

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[15:20] Angyel: I think I need change this dress to do photo, lol. Just a minute. [15:21] Squirmlez: Thank you so much for your time! Was really great being able to talk to a fellow artist online. [15:22] Angyel: Where will you use this conversation and photos? I want to see them, ok? [15:22] Squirmlez: I will be using it in a powerpoint for class, if you want when I am done, I will send you a copy of it! ? [15:22] Angyel: Aw, how nice, I want, yes, of course. [15:23] Squirmlez: Do you have an email I could send it to when I am done? [15:23] Angyel: Smiles, yes, aangyel@yahoo.com [15:24] Squirmlez: Thank you and thank you for your time! I will be sure to email you when I have the project finished! It was great talking to you. Thank you for your time and it was nice meeting you!

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COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS & CONCLUSION Through interviewing Angyel, I was able to find out numerous facts about her. On second life, she has her own gallery featuring mainly photographs and paintings. In real life, she is also an artist and focuses on oil and photos. She is also a musician, a poet, and a language teacher. Angyel is born in Brazil and likes to share with others her love for art. At first when talking to her, she was a bit hesitant about sharing. She was unsure of her artistic capabilities. However, I was able to reassure her about her work and how I really do want to interview her and her work is not amateur. She is inspired by photos and mainly poetry. Her artwork focuses mainly on 2D forms of painting and photography. Her work is very opened, engaging, and simple. She includes many colors in her work, and makes sure to match the music and setting with the work itself.

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COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS & CONCLUSION I was able to notice a pattern in her work. She seems to really enjoy the color blue as her showcase, paintings, and photography focus around those colors. I found her paintings to be specifically calming and simple. The one with the girl staring off into the sea reminded me of myself as a little girl staring off into the ocean. Her photography is very vibrant and showcases different colors. Most of her pieces focus on nature and its natural beauty. Being able to talk to this artist made me realize there are so many artists out there with talent. She is an international artist and was very helpful and engaging. I really appreciate those that put the time and effort in helping other artists’ out with their work. Thank you very much Angyel!

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SECOND LIFE EXPERIENCE Being able to expose myself in the digital community and search out different artists really engaged my learning. It was interesting seeing how people would react in the online world. In the digital world, everything seems to be different. People were able to be whom they want to be and do whatever they feel like. People were able to truly show and expose their creativity. What I found astounding is the fact that there are so many galleries available where artists were able to utilize their 2D work and turn them digital. In the digital world of Second Life, people were able to express themselves the way they want. Starting from the beginning where you were able to choose your avatar. Second Life is an experience everyone should try out digitally. It really shows and engages a person into thinking creatively in the digital world, and allows them to socialize and engage with other artists in the world.

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