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VINCENT VAN GOGH (1853-1890) Suu t?m va Slideshow: hs. VU THAI HOA Chuy?n d?ch Vi?t ng?: PHAN ANH DUNG 1

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Vincent van Gogh. Self-Portrait in a Grey Felt Hat. 1887 Chan Dung T? H?a v?i Mu N? Xam

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a The Loom. May 1884 Cai May D?t

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Still Life with Mackerels, Lemons and Tomatoes. Summer 1886 Tinh V?t v?i Ca Mackerel, Chanh va Ca Chua

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Restaurant Rispal -Asnieres. 1887 Quan An Rispal ? Asnieres

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The Seine with the Pont de la Grande Jatte. Summer 1887. Dong Song Seine V?i C?u Vung Grande Jatte

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Portrait of Pere Tanguy. 1887. Chan Dung Cha Tanguy

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Vase with Daisies and Anemones. Summer 1887. Binh Hoa Cuc va Hoa Anemone

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Vincent van Gogh. Self-portrait with Straw Hat. 1887. Chan Dung T? H?a v?i Mu Rom On March 30, 1853 a boy was born to the family of a Dutch village vicar, Theodorus van Gogh (1822-1885) and his wife Anne Cornelia, nee Carbentus (1819-1907). A year before, exactly the same day, another boy was born to the family, he died, and now the new-born received his name: Vincent Willem van Gogh.             After getting school education, van Gogh started his career as a picture salesman: in The Hague (1869) he entered the branch office of the Paris art dealer Goupil & Cie, founded originally by his uncle Vincent. As an agent of the company he worked in its branches in Brussels (1873), London (1873), Paris (1875). But his personal disappointment increased and he left Goupil.             Van Gogh tried himself as a teacher in Ramsgate near London (April-December 1876), then  he worked as an apprentice lay preacher and wanted to devote his life to evangelization of the poor. 

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Vincent van Gogh. Self-portrait. 1887. Chan Dung T? H?a Vao ngay 30 thang 3 nam 1853, Ong Theodorus van Gogh (1822-1885) va Ba Anne Cornelia, nee Carbentus (1819-1907) sinh m?t c?u be ten Vincent Williem Van Gogh ? m?t lang x? Hoa Lan. Sau khi h?c xong Trung H?c, van Gogh b?t d?u di lam v?i ngh? ban tranh: ? Thanh Ph? The Hague (1869) ong vao lam ? chi nhanh c?a Nha Buon tac ph?m m? thu?t t? Paris ten Goupil & Cie, do Chu c?a Ong la Vincent sang l?p. La nhan vien c?a Cong Ty, Ong da lam ? cac chi nhanh t?i Thanh Ph? Brussels (1873), Luan Don (1873), Ba Le (1875) Nhung Ong ngay cang ngay cang b?t man nen da b? Goupil. Sau do, Van Gogh th? d?y h?c ? Ramsgate g?n Luan Don (t? thang 4 cho t?i thang 12 nam 1876) r?i da t?ng lam m?c su t?p s? va mu?n hi?n dang cu?c d?i d? truy?n ba phuc am cho ngu?i ngheo

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Blue Cart. June 1888 Xe D?y Mau Xanh

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Red Vineyards of Arles. 1888 Vu?n Nho D? c?a Arles

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Drawbridge with Carriage. March 1888 C?u Keo V?i Xe Ng?a

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The Arena at Arles. October-November 1888 D?u Tru?ng ? Arles

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Majolica Jar with Branches of Oleander. August 1888 Binh Majolica v?i Canh Hoa Oleander

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Green Wheat Field with Cypress. Saint-Remy. June 1889 Canh D?ng Lua Mi Xanh La Cay v?i Cay Tung Bach

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Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles. Saint-Remy. September 1889 Phong Ng? c?a Van Gogh ? Thanh Ph? Arles, Saint-Remy

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Cottages with Thatched Roofs. Auvers-sur-Oise. June 1890 Nha Mi?n Que v?i Mai R?, Auvers-sur-Oise

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Gachet in her Garden at Auvers-sur-Oise. June 1890 Co Gachet Trong Khu Vu?n ? Auvers-sur-Oise

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Roses and Anemones. June 1890 Hoa H?ng va Hoa Anemone Dr. Gachet's Garden at Auvers-sur-Oise. May 1890 Vu?n c?a Bac Si Gachet ? Auvers-sur-Oise

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Village Street in Auvers. Auvers-sur-Oise. May 1890 Con Du?ng Lang ? Auvers

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Irises. Saint-Remy. May 1889 Hoa Iris vung Saint-Remy

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Park with a Couple and a Blue Fir Tree. October 1888 Cong Vien v?i C?p Nam N? va Thong Xanh

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Fishing in Spring, Pont de Clichy. 1887. Mua Xuan Cau Ca ben C?u Clichy

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The Restaurant de la Sirene. 1887 Nha Hang Sirene

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Landscape with House and Laborer. 1889 Phong C?nh V?i Nha Va Nhan Cong

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Mulberry Tree. October 1889 Cay Dau T?m

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Pieta (After Delacroix). 1889 Pieta (Ph?ng theo H?a Si Delacroix)

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Seashore at Scheveningen. August 1882 B? Bi?n ? Scheveningen

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The Trinquetaille Bridge. Arles. October 1888 C?u Vung Trinquetaille T?nh Arles

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Lilac Bush. May 1889 B?i Cay Lilac (T? Dinh Huong)

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Noon Rest (After Millet). Saint-Remy. January 1890 Ngh? Trua (ph?ng theo H?a Si Millet), Saint-Remy.

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Morning, Leaving for Work .1890. Bu?i Sang, R?i Nha Di Lam

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The Church in Auvers. June 1890 Nha Th? ? Auvers

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The White House at Night. 1890. Ngoi Nha Tr?ng vao Bu?i T?i THE END 1