Wonderful Places

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Wonderful Places

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The Matterhorn The Matterhorn is probably the most famous mountain in the Alps for its spectacular, pyramidal aspect. Located on the border between Switzerland and Italy. With a height of 4478 metres is one of the highest mountains of the Alps.

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Chile Cathedrals of Marble in Chile on the lake General Carrera. Form a set of islands and caves with strange shapes, reached by a small boat from Puerto Rio Tranquilo. These rock formations are the result of erosion caused by water over thousands of years. When the water is low, it is possible to visit the interior.

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Uluru is a capricious monolith Uluru is the name that Aboriginal Australians have contributed to what we call Ayers Rock, a mountain of red sandstone, of 318 meters and a perimeter of 8 km, which is located at the center of a vast territory in the south-east of Alice Springs, one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

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Japan Bepu Jigoku thermal waters formed by nine spectacular natural hot springs, a landscape resource and therapeutic. The reddish color is due to the high content of iron.

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Antarctica "Blood Falls" is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary Antarctica. It is a "river" of very salty water that passes through the slits of the occasional Taylor Glacier. The creek was discovered in 1911. In the past it was believed that the red color was due to the presence of algae. Recent studies have shown, however, that this color is due to the high concentration of iron.

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Philippines National Park Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island, Philippines.

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Mexico Crystals Cave is located at 300 m depth in the Naica mine, north of Mexico City, the cave is 27 meters wide and 9 meters in height. Form a giant selenite crystal, the largest ever found. It is one of the most important geological discoveries in the world, with crystals of 6 meters in length (some formations reach 11 mt). The crystals have the appearance of ice, but the temperature is 50 °C, 100% humidity. A person could not stand more than 10 minutes without risking a collapse or a heat stroke.

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