Fashion Photography

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Fashion Photography

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Definition: the art or practice of taking photographs of models wearing clothes or clothing accessories, especially for fashion magazines

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Magazine Photography Two Types: Editorial and Advertorial

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Free Rein An editorial is a photographic story about clothing or beauty that is styled and shot in a way that expresses the opinion and attitudes of the fashion and beauty editor of the magazine.

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Specific Promotion Advertorial photography is the magazine promotion of a specific fashion product paid for by the advertiser, and made to look like an editorial through the combined creativity of the magazine and photographer.

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Advertising Photography Advertises specific items to consumers.

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Catalog Photography Known as: The bread and butter Aka The Big Books 100-1000 pages

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Bespoke Showcases Brochures differ from catalogs in two ways: they are more specific with regard to product ranges, and they are more concise, typically from four to forty pages.

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Point of Sale: Posters When stores have photographs of their lines hanging in their windows and displayed inside the store, it is known as point of sale.

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Image Boosting Public relations, or PR, is the practice of establishing, maintaining, or improving a favorable relationship between an institution, or person, and the public.

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International Print High Flyer Designer labels are considered prestige production and will appear internationally. Photographers have to push the fantasy buttons of the public.

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On The Street Billboards, Buses, and Cabs

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Assignment Today you will play the role of the editor and create a Free Rein editorial piece. Make a collage featuring your favorite clothes and accessories. It can be high fashion, evening wear, prom, casual wear, etc. Save all Images in a folder. Do not leave them on the desktop. You May use Microsoft Word. Include a Fancy Title. Save as: lastname_fashioncollage Drop Box or Email it to me.