Go an Epic Selfie Adventure at Your Next Conference

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Your Epic Conference Selfie Adventure! ShellyTerrell.com

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Selfie- a picture taken of oneself shared via social media.

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Mission: Selfie with your heroes! @Timbuckteeth

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Selfie Mission: Bring a friend along! @Kitty_Tripp @TeachwithSoul

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Mission: Photobomb someone’s selfie! @PLNaugle @AdamBellow

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Selfie Mission: Explore your surroundings!

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Selfie Mission: Foodie joints!

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Selfie Mission: Make it fun! @CliveSir @Jkdncn

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Mission: Event selfies! @Cybraryman1 @NikkiDRobertson

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More Tips for an Epic Conference!

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Usie- group selfie!

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Get social! Personal/Passionate Learning Networks (PLN) Refueling the Way We Teach Photo by Fergus Grant, @FPGrant

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Connec t with People O nline

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Find your #hashtag! Cybraryman.com/edhashtags.html Bit.ly/Educhats

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Get your SWAG on! @sarahdateechur

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Sketchnote it! Photo by by Luigi Mengato, Flic.kr/p/hgwjYu

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Bookmark & curate! Diigo Pearltrees Storify Pinterest Flipboard List.ly Scoop.It Educlipper Livebinders Photo by Hertsens.Stef, Flic.kr/p/qaL8sk

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Blog Slideshow Share & Tag! Album Video Collage

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