design + art + science, and demoscene

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design + art + science, and demoscene Tomasz Bednarz (aka Warlock) 27th February 2015 @ QUT

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about me born in Poland, generation x nickname/handle: warlock groups: amnesty, absence, defame coder (assembler x86) swapper designer organised demoscene parties Delirium 1996 Gravity 1997 and 1998 General Probe 1998 game developer computational research scientist

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what do you know about demoscene?

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everything starts with a pixel

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demoscene demoscene was born in the computer underground, and demos are the product of extreme programming and self-expression

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in europe everybody c++

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second reality by future crew 1993 click

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demo real-time procedural visualisations (not pre-rendered animations!) executable limited in size 256b, 512b, 1k, 4k, 64k, floppy+ platforms atari, c64, amiga, pc, web process group gathering music before demo demo before music code tricks to achieve impossible Revolt by Amnesty, 1996 click

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demoscene party https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9veAl8LZDo <— Intel Outside 2

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competitions only new productions no commercial or stolen material (your own graphics, music and code) categories demo como intro compo (4k, 64k) four-channel music comp multi-channel music compo animation pixel graphics crazy-demo compo https://github.com/tomaszbednarz/farmer4k

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some old-school tools (PC) Fasttracker2 Autodesk Animator Autodesk 3D Studio Lightwave Turbo Assembler Watcom C/C++ Volcov Commander Pov-Ray Turbo/Borland Pascal Photoshop

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do you remember hercules?

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voodka by absence 1996 team work: 2 coders, musician, 2 pixel artists music done in Fastracker2 graphics done in Autodesk Animator in mode 13h (320x200x256) 3D models in Autodesk 3D Studio, and Volkov Commander code done in pure assembler, protected mode EOS v3.02 energy drink used: carrot juice linking and design took ~1 week total executable size ~800kb https://github.com/tomaszbednarz/demoscene-absence-voodka click

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how big is 4k The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy by Douglas Adams

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elevated platform: windows type: PC 4k Release: Breakpoint 2009 Ranked 1st click

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Still-minus 2 >> Intrinsic Gravity / Visit nvScene 2015 for Under Construction 2014 Credits pixtur >> design / programming hoffman >> soundtrack made with tooll2 developed by cynic, pirx, and pixtur uses directx, .net4.0, bass, newtonsoft json, sharpdx Comments Since I spent all my colors for our last nvScene release I wanted to play around with 2d-black-white op-art again. Something like a remake of "Beta" without being bound to a single artist. Obviously I used quite a bit of references, esp. Andy Gilmore, Sergi Delgado, Armin Hofmann, and many others. Hope to see you all at nvScene 2015! demoscene invitations click

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zines demoscene magazines delivered on floppy disks, spread by groups’ swappers articles from demosceners on various topics reviews of productions code tricks even sexy stories adverts of groups, people izwiestja #2 released as a joke budyn released after merger of amnesty and adrar design 1995 1996 1996 1997

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nie! by amnesty 1998 team work at camping side music done with Fasttracker2 graphics in hi-color 16-bit 3d models in 3D Studio Code in assembly but called from Watcom C/C++ 10.0 Linking and design took ~4 days Other technologies: video compressor flares click

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timeless mercury revision 2014 click

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asd spin assembly 2011 click

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Amiga Amiga Amiga released in 1987 motorola 68000 CPU, 7.16Mhz memory 512 kB 150ns 4x 8-bit channel PCM at max 28 kHz with 6-bit volume in stereo

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Nexus7 by Andromeda The Party 1994 Rink a Dink by Lemon Revision 2013 click click

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demoscene = four hats

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stanford bunny

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demoscene and science

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thank you