Hosting an Instagram Tour

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Seven Tips for Hosting an Instagram Tour

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Be Organized Have people sign up for specific time slots and be sure to keep your tour sizes manageable. Give yourself a headcount cushion to make sure things run smoothly.

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Make it Unique Your tour should offer a new experience for your participants. Reveal new elements of a place’s history, show spaces that are usually off-limits, or highlight areas in the middle of restoration efforts.

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Choose a Good Tour Guide Make sure the tour guide for the event is a strong storyteller and public speaker. Have them point out unusual or little-known historical facts about the site and find elements that your participants are likely to relate to.

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Make Each Stop Matter Each of the places you intend to show participants must be both historically relevant and visually appealing. When planning the event, include 7-10 minutes at each stop for photographs and a short explanation of the stop’s significance.

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Promote a Specific Hashtag Instruct your participants to tag their photos with a predetermined hashtag that references your site or organization.

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Make the Digital Physical Find a way to make the tour live beyond Instagram. Select some of the best photos from your tours, blow them up, and showcase them at your site. The photos can be the centerpiece of a follow-up event.

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Build Relationships Use the tour sign-up process to gather participants’ contact information. That way, after the event, you’ll be able to reach out to them and encourage future interaction.

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